Fan Experience: New Moon Fan Event in London

Our friend, @Marystat, has happily decided to share her recent experience at the London New Moon fan event.

Here’s her story:


My trip to London for the UK Twilight Saga:  New Moon fan event on Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I left Norway on Tuesday, November 10th and well arrived safe and sound to my hotel, contacted my friends who was already in London and another friend on her way to the hotel I was staying in.

When we all got together eventually we got a hot tip about a possible arrival with Rob and co from Paris. So after having dinner at some Asian restaurant we rushed to Paddington Street to catch the express train to the airport and um…well silly things happened that will make us laugh for a while I think! After finally getting on the train and paid no less than £23 ONE WAY to get to the airport we started to wait, and wait and wait. At the end of the night it was clear that they wouldn’t arrive where we were [laughs]. As pictures have since shown they arrived at some private airport, I think?

Anyways the next day we got up EARLY. I am talking 5:40 am early. Then finally managed to make our way to Battersea Park where the event would take place. We got there by 7:45 am. Not too many people there but well the security there either wasn’t clear on how they would sort out the line for those picking up tickets and those who were there for the red carpet arrivals. After being moved here’n’there for a bit things started to look like they had a plan and the end result it turned out to be a good one. They ended up having the people for the red carpet in one line and when it was time to go inside they took us group by group of ten people. This was to avoid people running and to make it fair for those who had camped out and/or came early.

Worked like a charm for us! We ended up FRONT ROW at the actual red carpet arrival area. They had barriers around in the back too where the cast would go around to sign stuff. But our spot was perfect! Sure, it got a little boring waiting for the action to start but when it finally started then things got moving quickly. It was funny how the media folks went up and down the front rows making people scream. My voice was going BEFORE all this happened due to a cold so all that and shouting did NOT help [laughs]. Then, to boot we got interviewed quite a few times both on camera and by magazines/newspapers (not sure if any of that will be used or got used though!). So, well by the time the people we were all waiting for my voice was well really bad [laughs]

Rob came first, ten minutes before the others, and he JUMPED out of his car my friend, Laila, told me. I didn’t see it, but she did. He then started making the rounds with interviews by the media then the fans, and by fans I mean he did really sign just about everyone’s stuff all over that area.  He was everywhere!

Robert Pattinson - New Moon London Fan Event - Photo Property of @Marystat

When he finally got to where we were, I started snapping some pics and I got more lucky with Rob’s pics than the others! I guess my camera loves Rob, too!  I told Rob that we know his new nickname now (that Kristen revealed in the Harper’s Bazaar interview)  ”I know your new nickname, Rob.  Hi, Flippy!” He makes a funny face and goes, ”Pfff” and laughs.  I said something else, too, but my brain was mush at that point, so I forget what I told him [laughs].

Robert Pattinson - New Moon London Fan Event - Photo Property of @Marystat

Then Taylor came, he also did interviews first and then some [autographs with the fans] but nowhere near all of the front row at the red carpet, he ran out of time.  So, I never got to take a good pic of him nor talk to him.  We were told he’d come back, but he never did. Ran out of time, I guess.

Then Kristen came, she did the same rounds with interviews first. Then she started to do the front row with fans but was told that she had to do more interviews, she was like ”Just one more, please?” and made this adorable face like she was pleading!  The girl she signed for was crying out of excitement and Kristen was so sweet.  She did go do more interviews but as we were promised she’d come back but after getting that promise from Taylor’s handlers, I doubted it.  But Kristen, like Rob, took time with the fans, too. She must have done the same rounds as Rob and signed as much as possible.  She even took pics with some fans!  When she came by me I had my questions clear for her.  First, I asked when The Runaways came out, she didn’t know.  Then I told her what I told Rob about the nickname she gave him. She cracked up over that [laughs]. Also asked her if she was singing in The Runaways  movie, she said “yes”! Cool.

Then, she signed my friend Laila’s magazine, Rob had signed over Kristen’s face in there so she signed over his!  We both laughed at that, she heard us and came back, “Oh, I signed over his face?”My friend and I laughed and said, “Well, he signed over yours!” She just laughed and made this funny face like ”Arrrrrrghh!”Too funny [laughs].

We tried for a while to get Chris Weitz over and he finally did come over to sign stuff. He came by me and I got my tiny autograph from him LOL. I told him my friend Valerie and I were extras in New Moon when they were in Italy, he goes, ”Wow, thank you for doing that!” I told him, ”We were on set for two days and worked for free!” He was stunned and said  ”Wow, thanks again, I bet that must have been hard!” I told him, “Yes, it was hard work, but a great experience and fun!” He thanked me yet again!  I was thinking to myself, “Well, damn, stop charming me!” [laughs]. Then I told him he had to direct Breaking Dawn, he was ”Aww, that’s very nice of you!” and thanked me YET again [Laughs] I told him we love the look of New Moon of what we have seen so far so yes we want him for Breaking Dawn.  The lady next to him said, ”OK, done deal!” and we laughed. ”I wish it was that easy” I said! [Laughs]

That was pretty much all the interaction I had with Rob, Kristen and Chris, but before Chris came to us the four of them, yes, with Taylor, did pose for pictures for the media again.  I saw Rob and Chris do this funny dance as they moved down the line of photographers.  Kristen and Taylor followed, too!  It looked funny [laughs].

Then it was over and well we were tired but happy and made our way back to Valerie’s hotel to finish up a bottle of Montepulcianao wine she had found in a store the night before… had to remember the fun days in Italy [laughs].

So, yes, we both decided, Valerie and I that is, that our Montepulcianao luck still worked [laughs].

That was roughly all I can remember from my London New Moon fan event experience.


Check out @Marystat‘s amazing pictures below!  Aren’t they great?!  She was so close to everyone!  What a lucky lady!  Thank you so much for sharing these with us, we really appreciate it!  We’re glad you had such a great time!



Special Thanks:  @Marystat



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