Soapbox + MTV to air two specials on Monday

Hello, boys (maybe? LOL) and girls:

So, it’s Saturday and I’m bored, so what am I doing?  Besides drooling over all the new Rob pics from the different events this past week LOL? Doing a little researchy-pooh for you all.

Apparently, on Monday night over at MTV, there are going to be two specials regarding the love and romance of Twilight via “Love Bites” & another feature called “New Moon Revealed” which I’m sure will show a few clips and give us a little insight to the movie.  I’m just guessing here, there’s only so much they’ll tell us anyways, right?

Kristen Stewart "Bella Swan" & Robert Pattinson "Edward Cullen" - Twilight Saga New Moon - Photo Property of Summit EntertainmentOn Monday, November 16, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, MTV will air “Love Bites,” an exclusive half-hour special examining the lives, love and literature fueling Hollywood’s current obsession with “Twilight” stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Utilizing new interviews, never-before-seen footage and the vast library we’ve accumulated over the last few years of being the fans’ top “Twilight” news resource, we’ll show you the couple affectionately known as “RPattz” and “KStew” like you’ve never seen them before.

In “New Moon Revealed,” MTV News will provide fans with unrivaled access to the “Twilight Saga,” courtesy of a 30-minute special anchored from “New Moon” mall events in Los Angeles and Chicago. The show will prominently feature die-hard fans of the series as they clamor to get a glimpse of the actors they’ve worshipped from afar. In the show, MTV News will count down the five hottest, most burning questions fans of the “Twilight” series want answered — from exploring how stardom has changed Robert Pattinson, to finding out whether Kristen Stewart is on Team Edward or Team Jacob, to telling the behind-the-scenes tale of how Taylor Lautner almost lost the role of Jacob.

In case that isn’t enough of an Edward and Bella blowout, we’ll be following that show with “New Moon Revealed” at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT. Hosted by our own Twi-Hard reporter Kim Stolz, the show will explore the “Twilight” phenomenon while answering the fans’ most burning questions from the serious to the sublime to the just plain silly.

Edward & Bella - Twilight - Photo Property of Summit Entertainment

“Love Bites” will get up close and personal, chronicling the relationship between Pattinson and Stewart from its early stages through their present-day reign as purveyors of Hollywood’s top romance. MTV will dig into the archives to hear from director Catherine Hardwicke, about the pair’s first, very intimate audition, as well as early interviews on the “Twilight” set where the duo spoke candidly about building their chemistry. Hitting the streets of Vancouver and Portland, where the films were shot, viewers will find out what goes on when the cast has downtime and what local bars, restaurants and locations they frequent — as well as hear from the people who see them when they are off-camera.

Edward & Bella - Twilight - Photo Property of Summit Entertainment


Hmm.. what was that?  Oh, sorry, I forgot what we were talking about.  That last picture killed me.  I.Am.Died.

Oh, yes, the shows… I have heard mixed reviews on some people actually boycotting watching BOTH of these shows and it made me want to find out more about them.  Why are people so insistent in not watching?  I think people are most upset because they are rumored to be showing Rob and Kristen’s audition tape.  That seems a little personal to me, so I can understand that– you know why people would be upset.  I don’t think MTV is the platform for it, sorry.  I think it would have been better suited on, oh, I don’t know– maybe the 3-disc Twilight DVD that I own? LOL

And while we’re on the conversation of boycotts and all?  Honestly, kids, I can think of better things to boycott– like that Rob DVD that’s coming out soon?  Ugh.  You know the one I’m talking about.  It’s the one that ripped of all the fansites and bloggers, stealing their graphics and blog posts, etc.  I’m not even going to mention the name or give a link cause I hope they make very little money.  Yes, I know that’s harsh.  But how would you like it you worked really hard on something  just for fun and had it stolen out from under you and not rewarded or credited for your time? Yep, it’s exactly like that.  I know there’s still some people out there who haven’t been properly educated on the shenanigans that went on with all of that, and they’ll go out and buy it because they’re RobFans and all.  But, let’s face it, if you’re a true RobFan, then you know the truth and you wouldn’t buy this DVD.  If that’s you, then congratulations, I hope you like it, you just bought stolen goods.  Ouch, hurts, doesn’t it?  Sorry, but it’s the truth.

What else can I say?  Running a blog is a lot of hard work.  It’s not as easy as it seems at time.  Especially if you create stuff and take your time to bring stuff to your readers.

I, by no means, am trying to toot my own horn, seek approval or praise or anything like that.  Please understand when I say that half the time I am completely sarcastic about the things I say, but this time, I’m serious.   I’m just saying I personally can understand and definitely appreciate the hard work that goes into it.   The sites that were stolen from a million of light-years away from what this site could even dream of, so I know they work really hard to get where they are today.  *STEPS OFF SOAPBOX*


So, anyways LOL, if you would like to check out those shows, they’ll be on Monday, November 16th.  Check your local listings!


So, I ask you:  Will you be watching these two shows on Monday night?  Why or why not?





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