Exclusive Interview with Amber @ RobMyWorld.com

Recently, I had the honorary privilege of interviewing an up-and-coming blogger, Amber of RobMyWorld.com.  We discussed her interests in Rob and her favorite experiences thus far and what it takes to make her blog a success.



She admits that when she first saw Twilight in the theaters, she didn’t feel that “spark” right away.  That’s right, ladies, she didn’t feel that driving force that cried out to her with demand to create the ever-so-popular website, “Rob My World”  It wasn’t until after seeing a bunch of Rob’s interviews for Twilight that actually she gained an interest in him.

After reading The Twilight Saga, she had an empty feeling that remained and sent her into a frenzy to search for blogs online with more information.  One of her first stops (and one of my favorite sites, as well!) was Letters to Twilight which she calls “hilarious” and is one of the most popular Twilight sites out there to this day.  By checking out these sites, they all reassured her that she was not alone in her Twi-obsession and that there were actually some women out there just like her who understood her passion for the series.  After becoming a fan of LTT, this of course only led her to Letters to Rob where her laughter found her realizing “Rob was a cutie” and started to Google him (that’s what she said!) in search of more.


RobMyWorld.comOne of the most difficult roadblocks she came across was the name change for the site.  What once started out an Esty website eventually forged into coverage of all things Rob and Twilight and the original name no longer made sense.  So, changing the name was the thing to do.  So, she took to her Twitter and blog followers and asked them to submit their blog name suggestions and therefore “Rob My World” was born.  Something she hadn’t anticipated with the big switcheroo was the turnover rate with redesign, the name change, and the purchasing of domain names.  It was definitely a lot of hard work to get it to where it is today!


What initially hooked Amber was seeing Rob’s interview videos for the Twilight promotions stating that the more she read, watched and saw, the more she loved!  “He actually feels more like a real person then any other celeb.  Like he actually exists outside movies.  Does that sound creepy?”  [Pauses]  “Yeah, that sounds creepy.  But, it’s true.”  Don’t worry, Amber, we totally understand what you mean!  It is true, we’ve all been… umm… dazzled, I guess you could say, by the wonderful Mr. Robert T. Pattinson. 🙂

While we are on the subject of He-Who-Dazzles-Us, she states the one thing she likes the most about him is his sense of humor and his lack of verbal filter.  “He has no inner voice that tells him, ‘Hey, Rob, you may not want to talk about sex where you kill someone on camera.’ He says what he thinks and it is great.”  One can only hope that the same person who we got to see during the plethora of Twilight events and interviews will also once again emerge for the Twilight Saga: New Moon press junket, promotional touring and the treacherous interview schedule.  Thinking back to the Twilight press, it was hard to not feel some kind of emotional pull towards him as he normally wears his heart on his sleeve.

While she hasn’t been a fan of Rob’s for very long, ever since she saw Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire and then Twilight, there has been no turning back.  Amber definitely contributes to the girls at LTR for pushing her in this direction because “really, it’s all their fault! Moon, UC?  I WANT MY LIFE BACK!” [Laughs]


If you’re are considering yourself an “RPattz” fan, then you know the following:  one, he doesn’t like being called that and two, he is an excellent musician.  She claims that if Rob were to decide to quit acting tomorrow and put everything he had into starting his music career full-time, she’d “die and have gone to Heaven!”  She describes his style as a “soulful voice and lyrics with such deep meaning.”  I can’t help but agree with her that he would definitely make an impressionable impact on the music industry by broadening listeners’ horizons.  All though it is not an original song of Rob’s, her favorite is one that he personally recorded.  Van Morrison is one of his favorite artists and is his recording of “I’ll Be Your Lover, Too”, Rob vocalizes with the accompaniment of his acoustic guitar. The song “makes me feel this happiness that I can’t even explain.”  It is undeniable to say that their definite warmth and soul as his sings this track.  It’s one of my favorites, too, Amber!  Hmm… suddenly this turned into a musical review of Rob…  Let’s get back on track, shall we?


With New Moon coming out a week from today [squeal!], and next year bringing us Remember Me in the spring and Eclipse in the summer, it’s hard to pinpoint which movie is her favorite because she has a feeling that after next years options, her answer will change once again!  For now, she states that for now, How to Be is her favorite choice.  She feels that his portrayal of Art Freeman, the quarter-life man struggling where he is going with his life is probably the most similar to the real Rob we’d all like to know compared to Edward Cullen, for instance.

RobMyWorld.com - RobFanAmber wants to remind us all that “being a RobFan is supposed to be FUN!  We shouldn’t take any of it too seriously. When it starts not being fun to be a fan, then you should stop.”  Well said, Amber– well said!  With the occasional “soapbox’” moment, she likes to keep everything fun over at her site!  “I try to be funny, sarcastic, and snarky; so about seventy-five percent of what I say is not meant to be taken seriously.”  That’s right, so when you hear her talking about pulling Rob behind a dumpster when she is lucky enough to run into him, that’s not so true.  Nice err interesting idea, but not true!

It was her husband who spilled the beans to his side of the family, so they are somewhat aware of her obsession carried out vicariously through her blog.  On the other hand, her family doesn’t know it or even have an idea of how extreme the “Robsession” is.  Sorry, Amber, I don’t think you’re hiding it very well, I know I’m one to talk LOL, but I think both of our families may find out sooner or later.  You know, sooner than we prefer or like, right?  On the same note, she is fortunate because of the family members who do know about her umm… interest; they are quite passive about the whole situation.  She states, “They don’t really talk to me about it much,” adding that “I’m sure once my family finds out I will have to come back and tell you”.   Oh, Amber, we can’t wait to hear the stories.  I could share some interesting ones with you already!  LOL


RobMyWorld.com - RockstarOne experience she speaks fondly of is her adventure to Twi-Con 2009 in Dallas, Texas this past summer.  Although the convention itself was something left to be desired, in her opinion, she was amazed by a bunch of people who came up to meet her solely from the fact they recognized her from her website.  “I felt like a rock star and it was really cool.”  In preparation for her trip to Twi-Con, she got an idea to make some manipulated pictures of Rob holding up a sign inviting others to follow her on Twitter. 

Robert Pattinson manipulation for @PeterFacinelli followers - Photo Property of RobMyWorld.com

“I made the mistake of handing some out at the Marcus [Foster]/Bobby [Long] show and someone gave theirs to Bobby [Long] to sign.  He put glasses on Rob and gave it back to the girl, who then emailed me and told me.”  At the time when it happened, she found it to be quite embarrassing, but now she realizes that kind of thing would have never happened if it hadn’t been her site and it is now one of her favorite memories.

Amber with musician Sam Bradley - Photo Property of RobMyWorld.comAnother cool moment for her via Twitter was when another blog retweeted something she had said, stating that she was now running with “the big dogs.”  It caught her off guard, she was definitely surprised and one of her Twitter followers responded to her by agreeing and saying that she was one of the big dogs!  She doesn’t see herself or her site in that way.  She still considers herself just “a normal person with real-life responsibilities.”  It still amazes her to have come so far just because she decided to blog about a twenty-three year old actor who she will most likely never get within three hundred miles of in her lifetime.  It’s hard to imagine what that would be like for her since she is reminded of the time she met musician Sam Bradley and she was shaking with excitement or the time she meet actor Peter Facinelli and had an episode of verbal vomit.

 Peter Facinelli & Amber of RobMyWorld.com - TwiCon 2009


It’s true, she still gets excited about the little things in life, she is really just like you and me.  One misconception that a lot of people make in starting a blog is assuming overnight success and she here to tell us that just doesn’t happen.  It won’t happen.  There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work before ever going live and getting somewhere.

Because of the relationships she endured due to her blog and Twitter following, she joined forces with some of her new friends and created another community dedicated to music of Rob’s closest friends and talented musicians:  Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, and Sam Bradley.

RobMyWorld.com - Million YearsShe describes her involvement with her RMW site as a personal enjoyment.  Being a busy mom and wife, she knows it’s good to take care of herself, so why not do something she enjoys outside of the home life, right?  She realizes how cheesy it may sound that being a RobFan does all that for her, but she accepts that and admitting that “I would never take back picking up the Twilight books, seeing the movie, the hours of Rob interviews watched. Not in a million years!”  By picking up the books, she opened a lot of does for herself and her blog.  She is grateful for the relationships she has made, the online friends who have since become real-life friends, and new music she would have never listened to otherwise.  She has discovered that she has become confident and fun in life due to the warm reception she has received because of the blog and the following received on Twitter.

Over at her site, you can check out music reviews, Sexy Saturday YouTube videos, fan fictions recommendations and witty commentary.  I invite you all to check out Amber’s awesome website and tell her @saymmmkay sent you! 🙂

Big Special Thanks:  @AmberRMW @ RobMyWorld.com


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