Robert Pattinson Would Be All Write With SNL

Robert Pattinson Would Be All Write With SNL

Robert Pattinson - Photo Propery of Getty ImagesMight Robert Pattinson host “Saturday Night Live” after all? Well, there are no plans as of now, but fans should be careful not to buy some interpretations of a recent interview… or to assume the late night institution has closed its doors to him.

Last week we busted the rumor Pattinson had turned down a chance to cohost with Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz. In fact, he’d been offered a chance to host on his own, but couldn’t because of scheduling issues.

Yesterday MTV posted a video clip where Pattinson was asked about potentially hosting SNL. In it, Pattinson talks about being “terrified of doing stuff like that” but excitedly adds, “I’d love to write an episode… that’d be fun,” although he suspected it was against protocol.

Now many outlets are interpreting Pattinson’s response to mean he’d be too anxious to appear unless he could create his own material.

First of all, that’s not really what he’s saying in the interview. More importantly, pitching his own ideas would NOT be a deal breaker. A spokesperson for SNL told Gossip Cop, “If he wants to come in with his own ideas, we would welcome it,” and went on to remind Gossip Cop that several other hosts in the past have helped come up with sketch ideas. Just last week, Taylor Swift broke with convention by writing her own monologue.

So while Pattinson is busy these days (have you noticed?) and SNL doesn’t have him slated, it could happen at some point.





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