“Breaking Dawn” Breaking News?

“Breaking Dawn” Breaking News?

Twilight Saga:  Breaking Dawn - Photo Property of Little, Brown & CoThere are renewed rumors today that a film adaptation of “Breaking Dawn” is set to begin production soon in Vancouver.

While fans have clamored for months for confirmation of a fourth “Twilight Saga” movie from Summit Entertainment, a new wave of speculation followed a press conference for “New Moon” on Friday, when star Robert Pattinson seemed to break some news when he reportedly said, “I think the tentative time for Breaking Dawn is fall of next year.”

We’ve seen the ebb and flow of rumors about the location, timetable, and official status of a “Breaking Dawn” film for months, so Gossip Cop contacted our highly placed Summit source.

Has a production office been set up?


Has there been any movement?

“Nothing yet.”

We also talked with a staffer at the British Columbia Film Commission who said they hadn’t heard anything new about “Breaking Dawn.”

So that’s what we know. We are NOT suggesting that “Breaking Dawn” is any more or any less likely than it was a few days ago. But as of now, rumors of production starting up remain only rumors.



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