New Music Monday: Anderson Cale

We are excited to be apart of the New Music Monday partnership with SAMaM Global.  Today, we bring you musical duo, Anderson Cale!  Check them out!

They’re album artwork was done by the same person who also does Coldplay’s artwork.  Awesome, huh?!  Be sure to check out their current album!  It hits iTunes tomorrow!

You can also follow the guy on Twitter:  @AndersonCale!

And you can follow us, too, while you are at it:  @RPattzProject! LOL


AndersonCaleThe idea for Anderson Cale’s music began with a fear of flying. An almost paralyzed white knuckled Jeff Anderson’s paranoia left him when he discovered ambient music in 2002. “I think it was the simplicity and repetitive mellow lull that calmed my fears”, Anderson remarks. It’s then he posed the question, “why can’t there be music written for the purpose of bringing peace to the anxious soul?” He would then dream and write scattered ideas for the next six years waiting for the day when his dreaming would become a reality.

Anderson Cale began in October of 2008 when Jeff approached Jesse Cale with the possibility of collaborating on an ambient post-rock record. Not knowing their chemistry as songwriters, they decided to move forward when Jesse brought Jeff a rough sketch of what would become track 5 on the record, “Windows and Doorways”. Anderson then knew in that unforgettable moment that they were cut from the same mold.

In the beginning, the recording was considered by Anderson Cale to be an outlet for creativity and to produce something that might bring peace to family and friends. They had no idea that they were starting down a path that was going to change their lives and others. As their recording process progressed they began to realize that this project was growing far beyond their original vision. They were shocked to find how artistically compatible they were, creating sounds from household items such as a cooking wok and tea sets. Having limited resources, they were forced to think outside the box and they were able tap into a creativity that neither of them knew they possessed. Thus, Anderson Cale was born.

Post-production, the boys were flooded with an overwhelming response from new fans as well as a few leaders in the music industry. It was undoubtedly clear their new artistic expression has a larger purpose than what was foreseen in the beginning.

Anderson Cale exists to provide an aid for peace in your life. In a world that thrives on chaos and disorder, it is essential to clear your soul. They hope that their music will act as a distraction from distraction so that you can enter into a place of rest. Music is communication that transcends language and culture. No matter what your existence may look like, we all experience pain and are walking away from love. Anderson Cale’s satisfaction comes from knowing that this record will act as a compass to guide you back into love, for that is the only place to find true rest for your tormented soul.

“The journey has been easy thus far, because we’re not trying. We simply made what we feel to be a good piece of art without the visions of grandeur. We want our music to bring some freedom from the stresses of life. We know not everyone will appreciate our music, but for those who listen and love it, we create for them.”



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