Live Tweets: Robert in attendance @ Twilight Saga: New Moon press junket

Here are the live Tweets from yesterday’s New Moon press junket!  Man, I am suprised that Twitter didn’t explode! LOL


From Celebuzz:

Taylor Lautner says Robert Pattinson does a lot of boxing in his time off.

Taylor and Rob have argued between themselves who would win in a fight, Jacob or Edward. Taylor says that it’s still up in the air.


Robert Pattinson is drinking a coke out of the bottle. Wearing a red plaid shirt and leather jacket.

Rob on the scene where he comes to the light: I guess its kind of one of the closest moments I’ve really felt to people’s emotional attachment to the character.

How has regular life changed for Rob: “I don’t know what that really is like because I have not had a sustained period where I’m off.”

Would Rob fight Taylor? “Maybe if I had some kind of weapon” Haha!

Rob seems very confident answering questions, and his hair is only moderately messy today. 🙂

Robert Pattinson connected to New Moon the most out of the Twilight series.

On Rob’s appearances in New Moon: I was so worried that it was going to be random scenes.

Who is ready for DVD extras? Rob said “There have been loads and loads of the apparition scenes cut out.”

Robert says his heart has never been broken like Edward’s when he has to leave Bella.

Rob on serenading someone: You need to have so much balls to do that, Jesus Christ.

Robs most romantic move: I put a rose on a girl’s locker when I was 15, or maybe I was 14. She thought it was someone else, and he claimed it

Rob’s favorite vampire: I really like Wesley Snipes, I think Wesley Snipes is great (Bladerunner).

“Recently, some magazine reported that I was pregnant, without a hint of irony or anything. I don’t even know what to make of that one.”

“I’ve got to stop being so self-deprecating because people are starting to believe it.”

From @HitFixDaniel:

“I don’t know between me and Rob. He does a lot of boxing in his time off, so it might be a good matchup.” – Lautner v. Pattinson?

Some guy named “Pattinson” is up next. Y’all probably don’t care, right?

“He is like a saint. He’s one of the best people I’ve ever met.” – Pattinson is a big Chris Weitz fan.

“It’s not Edward you’re playing. It’s a manifestation of Bella’s loneliness and desperation.” – Rob on being an apparition

Pattinson says that he’s had three days off all year long, so he doesn’t know how the “outside world” has changed.

“Looking at Taylor’s martial arts videos from when he was like 9, I wouldn’t want to do anything.” Rob vs. Taylor?

“I think it’s actually a *fact* that Edward would win. If I read the books correctly.” Rob on Edward vs. Jacob

I do not believe that my hair would do what Rob’s hair is currently doing. Nor am I certain I’d want it to?

“You’ve just got to remember that you’re being paid.” – Rob on distinguishing between on-screen love and off.

Rob says that loads and loads of apparition footage we shot and have been cut out. And he’s happy with that.

“No, I don’t think so.” – Rob on whether he’s ever had his heart broken like Bella’s is broken in the movie.

“I actually can’t think about a single romantic thing I’ve ever done.” – Rob

“I really like Wesley Snipes. I think Wesley Snipes is great.” – Rob struggling with his favorite movie vamp

“I’ve got to stop being so self-deprecating, because people are starting to believe it.” – Rob

Rob says he things “Breaking Dawn” is tentatively scheduled to begin shooting next fall. But he isn’t sure.


Also, from @TaRyder:

Best for last:  Rob’s here- who btw literally just ran into on his way into conference. He’s seriously so nice. More on that in a bit.

Said he asked for Kristen’s advice on how to play Edward.

He’s gorgeous! Hair perfectly wild, leather jacket and red plaid shirt underneath. @theawful truth agrees w/ me of course

Rob said he’s had like 3 days off since Jan 14. “I’m on set all the time!”

Says he’s still exactly the same since before fame “which isn’t exactly a good thing”. Hardly!

Rob says it’s a fact Edward would win in fight versus Jacob. “That’s what the books say!”

Rob says he shares being self-righteous with Edward, as well as being obsessive and possessive… he says in some ways about his privacy.

Rob says he can’t listen to anyone else which is why he doesn’t have a publicist. Do u love this guy or what?

Rob’s laughing because he can’t think of a romantic thing he’s done.  Says he hasn’t serenaded anyone because it takes a lot of balls lol

I just asked weirdest thing he’s read about himself: “that I was pregnant!” Tons of funny bites from him

He also said he’s going to try to be less self-deprecating in interviews because people are starting to believe it.

As for when I bumped into rob rushing out of bathroom to try to make sure I didn’t miss any of his press conference….  I was like “OMG, I’m so sorry,” he laughed, I asked how he was hanging in there; he goes “Oh, man, I’m tired! I’m sort of hanging in there, I guess.”  Then he asked if I would be one of the people asking him questions, I said “Yes, I’m sorry I promise I’ll be nice” and he started cracking up and said he’d hold me to it. So nice, so friendly! And I was nice – promise 😉


Special thanks:  Robsessed Blog, Celebuzz, HitFixDaniel & TaRyder.


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