Vanity Fair gives clue #2 for the December Issue

Get out the magnifying glass!

Wait, no reason necessary, but you’ll want to anyways ;o) *has magnifying glass in hand*  What?! LOL

Remember yesterday when we showed you this:

Vanity Fair - December Issue - Sneak Peak

Oh yes… and we discussed the funny comments on the VF website?  Yeah, that was great.

Well, VF has released another clue, answer.  Let’s face it, ladies, no more clues are needed, right?  We have our answer!

But let’s be dazzled anyway and imagine that it’s really the answer we all already believed it to be:

Vanity Fair - Clue #2 - December issue

Those lips!

Oh, and if you thought yesterday’s comments were funny.  I love the confidence, this is great LOL

Check these out:

  • It’s Robert Pattinson. You can’t mistake those lips. Or are you saving him up for the February 2010 cover to coincide with the release of Remember Me? Even better…can he have two covers please? Thank heavens we get VF over in the UK almost at the exact time it’s out in the US. What a Christmas present.
  • OMG! It’s ROBERT!!!!
  • THIS IS ROBBBBBBBBB!!!!! OUR ROB..!!! wow!!! those lips are unforgettable XD It’s Rob for sure! I’m not wrong!! no question!
  • you’re going to need extra copies…
  • I would never be wrong about those lips!! those lips are from RobPatz. I don’t doubt that,NOT THAT!!! It’s Rob it’s Rob!!!! I’m 100% sure! Thx VF!
  • Can’t wait to read a new Rob Pattz interview. He is too delish.
  • Is Robert Pattinson the most beautiful man in the world, the best actor of his generation. I want a magazine December.
  • This is going to be a hard issue to find! Promote it before it hits news stands and see how much it sells, VF.
  • He is gorgeous. I want him.
  • Rob Pattinson. Duh.

Special Thanks:  @ell_wells

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