How To Be’s Robert Pattinson sings “Doin’ Fine”

Rob’s ‘Doin’ Fine’

Rob Pattinson in How To Be - Photo property of
Yeah, he is.  Hmm?  What?  Oh, yes….
Here’s your friendly reminder, dear RobFans:  How To Be comes out on DVD in the US on Tuesday, November 17th!  Yeah, baby!  I mean, yeah, *ahem*… that’s great!  Don’t forget you can still pre-order it!
I love seeing this stuff!  This never gets old, does it?  Even though I’ve seen it a million times LOL

Access Hollywood has a little bitty article up about this exclusive to them video.  Wait, you’ve never seen How To Be before? W HAT?!  Well, then you must know that How To Be, an independant film starring Rob as Art a mid-20’s aspiring musician.

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Hard to believe that Rob was only 20 when he signed up for HTB, he was hot even then.  Wowzas!  Gotta love us some RobArt, am I right ladies?  LOL

Seeing this stuff, looking back and knowing what we’ve already seen from him so far only gets me more excited for what’s to come!  He’s so young (and hot) and talented (and hot), he simply has the whole world in the palm of his hand.  It’s cool to know that his possibilities are endless!!



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