Vanity Fair + December Issue = Robert Pattinson?

So, what’s the buzz with this ‘sneak peak’ at Vanity Fair‘s December issue?

Well, let’s take a look, shall we?  Yes,… we shall…..

Vanity Fair - December Issue - Sneak Peak

Knock, knock!  Who is it?

Robert Pattinson, is that YOU? LOL

We realize that’s not much to go on, but feel free to leave a guess in the comments section below and check back tomorrow for another hint.


So, who do you think is gracing this issue?  And I’m afraid to ask, but will surrender and ask anyways:  what body part do you think this is??? LOL

Let’s be honest, a lot of people ladies think the person posing on this issue is Rob himself.

Here’s some of the hilarious comments from the VF website:

  • It’s RPattz!
  • Robert Pattinson!
  • It better be RPattz!
  • It had better be Rob Pattinson. Ive been waiting ages to see this. Stop teasing us VF. The interview had better be an up to date one too. We want news about his other projects. Stuff Twilight its Bel Ami, Unbound Captives and other projects fans really want news on.
  • I really hope this is Rob’s cover. I’m waiting for this for so long.
  • It better be Robert Pattinson!
  • Rob was supposed to be in the Nov ish, so he better grace the December cover! Thanks VF for an early Christmas!
  • RPattz

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