Nordstrom’s has a ‘New Moon’ Rising

Yet another bit of info from Nordstrom’s website:



We know you can hardly wait for the release of The Twilight Saga: New Moon this fall, but why wait to get your Edward (or Jacob) on? We’ve got the styles inspired by the movie right here.

image_new_moon_risingWhether you want to stand by your vampire or run off with the wolf pack, you’ll find T-shirts to express your allegiance to either side of the Bella tug-of-war. Or, channel the saga’s heroine herself in the ‘Bet You Can’t Read My Mind’ tee.

Plus, you can pick up necklaces and pendants worthy of a Cullen or the Wolf Pack, Northwest-inspired plaid tunics perfect for wearing over skinny denim, and more graphic T-shirts designed exclusively by us.

Edward. Bella. Jacob. It’s a love triangle for the teen-ages. We love the drama, but our hearts beat eternally for fashion.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon premieres nationwide November 20.

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