Nordstrom’s ‘New Moon’ Madness

Here’s some information about the new cosmetics line from Nordstrom’s:



Luna Twilight - Photo Property of Nordstrom.comTwilight madness has just begun with the launch of Luna Twilight Cosmetics at Nordstrom. Themed after the wildly popular film series, this innovative and edgy new line is being released in eager anticipation of The Twilight Saga: New Moon movie which arrives in theaters November 20, 2009.

Luna Twilight Cosmetics identify with the mood and spirit of the saga’s iconic female characters: Bella, Alice, Victoria and Rosalie. From soft and natural to fiercely stunning, the Face Palettes were created to reflect each of the character’s unique looks.

The collection also features a number of high-quality products including First Light Face Glow for radiant skin and Gleam Metallic Mascara for captivating lashes. And no Twilight look would be complete without the Luna ‘Twilight’ DuWop Lip Venom for that ‘just bitten’ finish to the lips.

Beyond the lure of the romantic packaging, true makeup divas will find they have discovered products they can’t live without. It’s a makeup experience that can be enjoyed by the Twilight enthusiast as well as any girl looking to highlight her own radiance.

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