Event Planner discusses ‘New Moon’ premiere details!

Interesting article from Canyon News!

You never seem to think about everything that goes into making a movie a success.

Here’s some behind-the-scenes details:


Chad Hudson Talks “New Moon” Premiere

Posted by Tommy Garrett on Oct 25, 2009 – 11:38:21 PM

BEVERLY HILLS — Chad Hudson came to Hollywood to make his dreams come true. The handsome event planner. However, he now makes many others dreams come true when he and his talented crew of handsome guys who could easily be stars themselves make elegant soirees all over this town. Chad has created some of Tinseltown’s most elegant and exciting nights, yet he still remains very down to earth and modest. From last year’s big “Twilight” premiere to Jennifer Aniston’s sleeper hit “He’s Just Not That Into You,” the intense creative eye Hudson has along with his great CHE team, there is no stopping the group from even bigger success.

Chad explains that they are very busy right now preparing for the anticipated premiere party for “New Moon,” the “Twilight” sequel. “It’s exciting for us and also a lot of work. We work hard to make things perfect for those involved in film projects,” says Hudson. Chad also introduced me to his staff, which includes from left to right, Anthony Saracino, Chad himself, Paul Boisvert, production lead Travis Jackson, Mark Cornelsen and transportation lead Brad Levine, who is just handsome enough that he may find himself being cast in the next “Twilight” production when the film’s producers get a look at him.

Each staff member follows Chad’s advice but they can also feel free to add their creative ideas and input as well. Chad Hudson Events is well-known within Hollywood’s premiere circles for putting on an elegant yet exciting affair. Chad is just the youthful blood we needed in Hollywood that knows how to give celebrities their space while catering to their every need and desire, as performers often crave.

Speaking exclusively to Hudson, Canyon News went along for an event and the hard-working handsome event planner filled us in, even teaching me a thing or two about Hollywood premieres and I am an old hat at it at this point. Hudson’s “New Moon” premiere in the coming weeks is being talked about much like the 1939 MGM release of “Gone with the Wind.” This one however has Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on the guest list. And thankfully, yours truly.

* * * * * *

Q-What exciting premieres do you have coming up?

A-“Tommy, you know the biggest event we are working on right now is the ‘New Moon’ premiere and after party for Summit Entertainment. It’s the second film to launch from the Twilight series of books and one of the most anticipated movies of the year. ‘New Moon” buzz is much bigger than ‘Twilight’ was, which we worked on that premiere last year as well. ‘New Moon’ is so big the studio has expanded the premiere to include three theaters and a party for 1800 guests. We are also working on the Trevor Project annual gala fundraiser and several private events around the holidays.”

* * * * * *

Q-How much preparation goes into preparing for big events?

A-“Tommy, we like as much lead time as possible, but we have had to pull together major events in record time. For example, we were hired to produce the ‘Twilight’ premiere after-party last year two weeks out from the event date. We worked around the clock to make it happen and it was an incredible event. [See photos] For other events, we enjoy a much larger timeline to plan. We’ve been working on a large-scale private event on the east coast for the past six moths.”


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