Robert Pattinson + Overnight Sex Symbol = DUH!

Robert Pattinson is a sex symbol?  Yeah, I could have told you that… LOL



Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt And More Overnight Sex Symbols

‘Twilight’ has catapulted RPattz into the stratosphere where he joins some other beefcake breakout stars.

By Larry Carroll

Robert Pattinson - Photo Courtesy of - WireImageEvery now and then, a movie comes out that transforms a male actor into someone to be desired, adored and often watched for decades to come. We’re experiencing such a phenomenon now with Robert Pattinson, who has essentially starred in one wide-release movie and had “Twilight” transform him from “Who’s that?” to “Hottest Man Alive” overnight.

But where does RPattz go from here? Will he launch a decades-long career? Work with directors like Spielberg and Scorsese? Or will he become another Hollywood cautionary tale? Below are a handful of beefcake breakouts transformed by one major role, whose careers could perhaps give guidance to the Sparkly One.  [Read More]

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One response to “ Robert Pattinson + Overnight Sex Symbol = DUH!”

  1. vampirecraze says :

    OK, MTV was very late with this article & I knew it after all of the girls started to scream out “Rob” or “Edward” everytime, which ever one they think he is lol

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