Lykke Li Reveals ‘New Moon’ song details

Another one of “The Fortunate Ones” for The Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack, Lykke Li is rising to the top with her music career.  She is definately a beautiful songstress and is extremely captivating and she has a story to tell with her music.

I remember first hearing her music and then seeing her perform live on Carson Daly’s late night show.  Also, I have a remix of Kings of Leon’s Knocked Up with her singing over the track and I must say, it’s one of my fav remixes of theirs!  There’s some… special about it.  I can’t describe it, just like I can’t describe her music.  It’s all good.  That’s all I got.

Definately check out this article & check out her music.  It’s not the normal Top 40 sugarpop, it’s definately different.  A little something different for everyone! :O)

Here’s some of her music videos so you can get a taste of her style.  Neither of these songs are featured on The Twilight Saga:  New Moon soundtrack.

Little Bit

I’m Good, I’m Gone



“Everyone kept asking me if I wanted to do it, how [the song] was going, when would I have it finished, and I was like, ‘Eh, I don’t know, maybe I’ll do it, maybe I won’t,’ ” she told MTV. “I stayed [in Los Angeles] and watched the movie, when it only had green screen on it. I had this hook in my mind, even before I saw the movie, and then I was watching it, and I was like, ‘That’s the hook!'”

Like the songs off her 2008 album, Youth Novels, “Possibility” will deal with the “Twilight”-esque themes of love, pain and death. In a recent interview with MTV, she shared some of the lyrics in the song.

“It’s really serious, because, if you’re really, really in love, and somebody leaves you, that’s a very serious thing,” Lykke said. “And so the lyrics are like, ‘When you walk, you walk like a thief with blood on your hands, because I die when you leave me.’ [.] It’s dark.”

In the years since she became a star, Lykke proved she was a different caste of singer than the rest, and with her reasoning for submitting a song for “New Moon” was no different

“We’ve been feeding people such sh–. Why can’t we feed them good things? I really thought about that too,” she said. “Because I know Robert Pattinson is this big teen idol, but I remember watching ‘Romeo + Juliet’ with Leonardo DiCaprio, and I was, like, in love. I cried, like, five times. And the soundtrack to that movie is so good, you know? Really well-chosen songs. Not commercial. I think it’s great, and hopefully we can do that again.”

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2 responses to “ Lykke Li Reveals ‘New Moon’ song details”

  1. vampirecraze says :

    Different types of music– I cannot wait for the soundtrack!

  2. Melinda says :

    It’s already out and it’s AWESOME! 😀

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