Exclusive @ The Pattinson Project: Blog: My Confession: Museum de Robert Pattinson

Forgive me, Robert Pattinson, for I have sinned….


OMG, I am about to wave my FanGirl flag super high today and I will probably loose a bunch of a zillion cool points with some of you gals, but oh well.  What can I do?  I can’t please everyone.  Regardless, I think this is hilarious.


OK, so I got into work a couple of Fridays ago, got things going sleepishly (TGIF!) and my co-workers (we’ll call her… umm… “Lucy”, yeah, that’s it..) tells me, “I need to have a talk with you.”  Umm.. well, crap!  That never sounds good, right?!  Well, of course my curiousity caught the best of me & I needed to know what it was right away. 

Lucy delayed at first but then she took me to my desk and pointed out The Museum de Robert Pattinson & said that it was time the museum got a little freshing up.  And as she sighed, she said “if I’m going to have to look at it, I might as well have a say in what goes up, right?”

The Museum de Robert Pattinson

The Museum de Robert Pattinson


I immediately burst out in laughter as Lucy finally admitted that he wasn’t “all that bad to look at,” that he was a “good looking fellow“.  But– there’s always a but – she had a bone to pick with me regarding one picture in particular that she ordered to come down.  EXCUSE ME?! EXSQUEEZE ME?!




So, she lead me over to The Museum of Robert Pattinson and pointed out this lovely photo [see photo]:

Robert Pattinson

When I saw which picture she spoke of, I gasped, “You’ve got to be kidding me?!”  She just laughed and shook her head at me, “No!  Look at his head!  And his hands, he looks all deformed or something.  Big head, little body!”  (That’s what she said!) Sorry, couldn’t resist it…

I just stood there in shock.  She couldn’t be serious!

I’m serious.”  Lucy said.  Crap.

I’m like, “Well, good ’cause I just printed a whole lot more and if you’re going to be difficult with me like this, then you have to help me pick the next ones that go up!” I laughed evilly. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! You’re going down, woman! I laugh at you, Lucy! HA!

So, I proceeded to show Lucy the following new pictures… or the candidates of her choosing, I guess you could say.  I thought I would share her commentary with you all:


Wow… how did my conversation become a novel?  I hope you enjoyed this.  Let me know what you think!

Honestly?  It made me laugh, if anything.  I do have to admit, I was quite peeved at first, but it’s cool now.  How dare she say those things about my boyfriend, I mean.. Robert Pattinson?!


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You know Rob would want you to.  OK, maybe not really, but I would like you to, how’s that instead? 

Oh, yeah— TGIF!!! *

* And, yes I know this is totally LTR/LTT-worthy of it’s teasing and I’m just putting it out there.  I know, I know.. I’m asking for it.  I’m a Rob fan and darn proud of it!  Can ya tell?  Duh.  I doubt it’d ever get that far, but let’s just keep a friendly smile on our faces and remember I’m a fan of those sites… *ahem, ahem*  So, let’s all be nice, ladies!


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7 responses to “Exclusive @ The Pattinson Project: Blog: My Confession: Museum de Robert Pattinson”

  1. ToFu says :

    At least you have something! I have nothing Rob related at my desk…LOL…I should, though. ;P

  2. kelly8964 says :

    I LOVED THIS POST! OMRP!! The museum is fabulous! I wish I could do something like that.. I have a screen saver set up that is a slide show of his pictures.. but my computer never really gets a break at work so I don’t get to see it often!

    I always find it odd when I meet a woman who just doesn’t see it… Who will say “Yeah he’s cute but… ” I always look at them like, “Are you feeling ok? Do you need glasses? Have you hit your head recently?”

    At least once a day I will see a picture of him, usually because I go looking for it, but in any event, everytime I see one it starts to wheels turning and I have the thought of, what is it? He’s gorgeous.. and I could look at him forever, but if it was just looks, that would fade, at least for me, because pretty is only pretty when it’s also interesting. If you just stare at anthing for a long period of time it becomes distorted, it has to move and keep your attention.

    I don’t mind being considered a “fangirl” even though at my age I’m anything but a girl. I adore him… I’m secure in that.. nothing will ever comeof it and that’s ok too.. as long as he makes me happy.. I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing.

  3. vampirecraze says :

    The secret has now been set free. My collection is sealed for now….for now…

    Good job and love the pictures LOL

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