Want some ‘Twilight’ Bling-bling?

Yep, that’s right.  I said bling-bling.. I know, I need help.

Check out this neato site which is featuring some Twilight jewelry.  Now, keep in mind, it’s not the official jewelry for the series, but it’s still great looking stuff!  So, check it out!



Right now, they’re having a really cool contest:  If they can get over 1,000 participants to sign up, they will give that group 50% off*!  Cool, huh?  Yeah, that’s what I thought!





They have a lot of different jewelry options from different style bracelets to necklaces, even their version of Bella’s engagement ring.  Hmmm.. I need to pick that one up for myself….. LOL

* Check out their site for more details, of course!

Special Thanks:  @BostonGirl1212

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