The Adventures of The New Stoli Shirt

Once upon a time…..

There was a beautiful British actor named Robert Pattinson…

Man, every girlfriend err.. fan girl of Robert Pattinson knows that he’s known for hanging onto the stuff he loves for a very long time.

Even Robsessed covered the fact that he is known for doctors up his shirts!

Original Stoli Shirt - Photo Courtesy of

Then we meet a lovely lady who takes a chance and decides to send him a replacement shirt.  He obviously loves this shirt, doesn’t he need a back-up!  Of course!

She wrote him a letter included in the care package which explained her concern and her hopes of him wearing said new shirt.  I can only imagine Rob’s expression when he read it!  LOL

"Dear Rob..." - Photo Courtesy of

Sent along with the shirt & letter were two books, I love that!  She sent along The Year 1000 & The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook:

2 book she sent along w/#NewStoliShirt - Photo Courtesy of

Recently, I had an idea & bought the question to Jen: “What would you do if Rob wore his new shirt to the VMAs?” She immediately got all kinds of excited & admitting she had never thought about it before & proceed to get Twitter all in a buzz!  Therefore, the #NewStoliShirt Twitter Trend was born!

If you’re a true Twilight fan, then you’re already following actor Peter Facinelli– you know, Daddy Cullen/Papa Cullen/Daddy C– whatever you call him (Dr. Fang, hmm, Rita?) – he even confirmed that Rob has indeed received his new shirt & where he might wear it!

Peter Facinelli's Twitter - Confirming Rob's Rec'd Stoli shirt!

So tune in tonight to MTV @ 7 CST/8 EST to find out if he wears it or not! This is super exciting!!

Special Thanks:  Jen @


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