‘Twilight In Forks’ Documentary will release in conjuction to ‘New Moon’ DVD release!

From MTV:

Exclusive: ‘Twilight In Forks’ Documentary To Be Distributed By Summit
‘Twilight’ studio will release the film in conjunction with ‘New Moon’ DVD.
By Larry Carroll

LOS ANGELES — Over the last few weeks, the team behind the first-ever documentary on the “Twilight” phenomenon has come to MTV News to unveil the initial details of their movie, as well as its one-sheet and teaser trailer. Now, they have even bigger news for Stephenie Meyer fans eagerly awaiting their flick: In a surprise move, Summit Home Entertainment has acquired the rights to distribute “Twilight in Forks.”

Photo Courtesy of TwilightInForks.comMTV News has learned that the studio behind the “Twilight” movies has spent the last several days negotiating with director Jason Brown and producers York Baur and Peter Cowles to distribute their independent film about the tiny Washington town that inspired a phenomenon. Summit plans to release the documentary in conjunction with the “New Moon” DVD release, both of which will hit stores in early 2010.

Although the news will postpone the film’s release by a few months, it’s a natural fit for the doc, whose full title is “Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town.” Brown and Baur were very visible at June’s “Summer School in Forks” symposium, where they shot many of the interviews for the film — a for-the-fans exploration into where “Twilight” ends, Forks begins, and an increasingly blurry line exists between the two.

“One of the things that you’ll see in the film is how vampires actually relate to Forks, and whether there’s some truth to the characters that you’re familiar with,” three-time Emmy winner Brown told MTV recently about the film, which was shot with high-definition cameras to capture the region’s unique, rain-soaked beauty. “You’ll see shots of the forest and some shots of signs about vampires. … You’ll meet a real-life Bella and a real-life Alice that are in Forks.”

The “Twilight in Forks” team will be sticking with plans to unveil exclusive footage from the film on Saturday at a special screening in Forks to celebrate Stephenie Meyer Day, as previously announced. Keep checking back with MTV News for coverage of that event, as well as more upcoming news on “Twilight in Forks” and “New Moon.” And don’t forget to tune in to the VMAs on Sunday to see Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner present a never-before-seen extended trailer from the “Twilight” sequel.

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