Exclusive @ The Pattinson Project: VMA – Insider Edition!

MTV_VMA_2009_logoOhhhh, hang on to your seats, kids!  Have I got some exciting news for you!

So, my sister is actually in NYC as we speak on business.  What’s that bi’nis, you ask?  (That’s right, I can hear you!)  Oh, no big deal— her company is just hosting one of the numerous after-parties following the MTV Video Music Awards.  What does she do, you ask?  Well, sorry, I’m not going to come out and say it, but let’s just say what she does is pretty cool and her company issues you the news in glossy paper format.  That is all.

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson

Moving right along to the juicy deets, I know that’s what you’re here for anywho!

Last night she tells me she met the incredible Mr. Jack Nicholson while she was out at dinner.  She just happened to look over at the table next to her looked over at to the table next to her and there he was!  She said he was “very nice” and “very cool!”  Like we didn’t know that already, sis!!

Taylor Lautner - Robert Pattinson - Photo Courtesy of EOnline.com

Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson

Most exciting to me, she has confirmed that she just received their confirmation list for party invites and guess who’s on there?!  Yup!  Robert Pattinson!  She adds that Taylor Lautner is on the list, as well and that she did not “recall the others” (Ashley Greene or Kristen Stewart) had or had not RSVP’d, but she would keep me posted on this.

Since my sister is an openly non-RPattz fan (I know, it’s evil, isn’t it?!), who she lovingly calls “Rob Patt” (LOL), she is being a good great sis and playing along.  She says she’ll get as many pics as she can of the the cast, since she’s on the job & all.

Oh, and I have officially placed her on #RobWatch for the #NewStoliShirt:

Sis:  “And.. why am I looking for him to be wearing a t-shirt?”
PP:  [Insert #NewStoliShirt story here]
Sis:  “Oh, geez.

It’s in her opinion that “he won’t” wear said Stoli t-shirt, that he & his castmates “will get dresed by a designer.  It’s Fashion Week in NYC!”  She predicts that “[Rob] will be in all black.”  Ohh, so she’s playing with fire now, is she?! LOL  Also some of our awesome Twitter friends would agree that he looks hot in black (@EverythingRob) , others said that he would look great in his birthday suit (@mini_Rosalie) or bubble wrap (@ElusiveKoolaid).  Ohmy.. ladies!  Wow… ROFLMAO!  No comment!

Back to the deets!  She also states that Sean Kingston & Santi Gold would be performing live at the show.  Also, Janet Jackson will be performing tonight, but she will be introduced by a BIG NAME!  Oh, boy! And I know who it is!!!!! Muhahahahahahaha!  I mean, I wonder who it is…

Stay tuned here @ The Pattinson Project & follow us on Twitter for more deets!!

Woohoo!!!  I’m totally having a fan girl moment here…

Umm… this is sooo cool!

Photo Source: JackNicholson.org, EOnline


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3 responses to “Exclusive @ The Pattinson Project: VMA – Insider Edition!”

  1. kelly8964 says :

    I just got back from visiting my mom in the hospital which is a bad situation and I needed to put my sadness aside so I sign on and was catching up with my fav Blogs… you know I ADORE YOU! Anyway… and I see this post!!!this is such exciting news!! OMG.. very very cool! I will be glued to you all night.. I followed on Twitter anyway.. you are now going to my blackberry as well so I get up to the minute updates!!

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face.. for giving me something to look forward to and thanks for sharing this with all of us.. oh yeah and thanks to SIS!! big smooches to her.. taking one for the team and she’s not even a playa 😀 I ❤ her big time!

  2. thepattinsonproject says :


    Just like you needed to hear something different/good, I needed to hear the words you wrote me. So, thanks! It’s nice to be appreciated for what I’m doing, although it’d entirely not what I’m seeking!

    Say ‘hello’ on Twitter sometime, not sure if I’ve seen you over there or not?? LOL Thanks for the all the following on your different technical gadgets– that’s awesome LOL

    I’m so sorry to hear about your Mom. I will keep you guys in my prayers. I’ve been there done that a gazillion times… it’s no fun 😦

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