The Pattinson Project Exclusive: Interview & Behind-The-Scenes Info!


Finally after six long months, the time has come.  As a hard working mother and wife, Jen of is finally seeing the fruits of her labor come into formation.  What was most difficult for her in the creation process was finding time.  Between a busy work life in the marketing/advertising industry and maintaining normalcy with family time, she really is an “army of one.”  A few days leading up to her celebratory day of this special occasion, she graced us with a rare chance interview so we could get down to the bottom of things! Official Banner

Joining the ranks of a gazillion other Robert Pattinson fan sites, this isn’t her “first rodeo.”  For over eleven years and counting, she has run a major fan site for a popular alternative rock band.  What originally started as a simple college class project started back in 1998, developed into “this behemoth go-to site for their fans.”  The expectancy just grew from there as she hosted a handful of band-recognized events.  Later that year, she obtained a domain name and for many years continued on a key player in news regarding the band.

With the creation of this new site, as she reflects on her past experiences and contributions, she considers herself “very supportive of the things that I love and I am a passionate person.  It’s been over 11 years since an artist has captured my attention like Rob has, so I am serious about this.” - Jen's Quote - Cyber-Shrine“When I first heard Rob’s music, it was extremely hard to find online and at the time I didn’t see any fan sites for his music.” Adding that, “I felt he needed a proper cyber-shrine for his music that focused mainly on the music he makes.”  While she found there were many sites dedicated to “Rob the Actor” and “Rob the Hottie,” she found herself wondering:  What about Rob the Musician?  In her search, she only found one website dedicated to his talent but found herself wanting more.  She wanted to take it a step further by creating a serious musician fan site, “one that looked almost official like you would see for any musician or band.”

What she believes to be so intriguing about him is his potential and personally believes that if he only expanded upon his music career, “it would be huge!”  After discovering that he was featured on the double-platinum selling Twilight soundtrack, she “fell really hard” and immediately her fate was sealed.  Her favorite song is “Never Think” explaining her love for the raw emotion that is contained within the lyrics, noting, “Listen close to how he sings “You’ll learn to hate me” and “saying ‘oh please, I’m in love.’”  I love that.  It gets me every time.  I love a song that paints a clear mental picture for me and sort of tells a story.”

Her first discovery was of Rob was when debuted his role as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and The Goblet Fire.  At the time, he was under 18 and she was not, therefore it was not until he appeared as Edward Cullen in Twilight that she no longer felt guilty of the idea of “you can Google it.” - Jen's Quote - Healthy ObsessionJen is quite relieved her family and friends are very supportive of her.  When asked about her (um…) appreciation towards Rob, she replied, “Oh, they know.  I have spent a great deal of money supporting my habit; it’d be kinda hard to hide it!”  As she shifts from one obsession to the next she admits that “I think it’s a healthy obsession; we all need a break from reality and an outlet for our creativity.  This is my hobby.  When it stops being fun, I will stop doing it.”

One thing is most grateful for is the opportunities that she has already had because creating this site.  “I love meeting people with the same interests as me.  I’ve had A LOT of fun meeting people on the movie sets, at awards shows, on Twitter.”  She goes on to compliment the friendly camaraderie amongst Rob’s female fans, “I really expected things to be a lot more catty.  I think it goes to show that we are a mature bunch of fans – well, mature at least when treating each other with respect.”  She finds it almost therapeutic when she is able to log on and talk “smack and smut with the ladies.  I could be getting into a lot worse trouble; I live in Las Vegas for crying out loud. We are a naughty bunch!”

Jen wants to make one thing clear:  She does not have a personal agenda.  “I don’t really have anything I want to get across [personally]. The site is all about Rob; you won’t be logging in and reading about my personal life or pictures of my kid…  I save that for my Twitter.  [Laughs] ”  She is taking her chances and going ad-free as she seeks no monetary gain or assistance, she actually spent a great deal of her own money getting this off the ground.  She hopes that this site will be seen as her personal gift back to Rob as a “thank you” for the music he has brought us and greatly anticipates the music he will bring to his fans in the future. - Storyboard

In the design process, she aimed to create “a virtual pub,” that would be equivalent to somewhere he would be comfortable visiting.  While focusing on the design, it was definitely important to have “the idea of there being one central place for people to gather and appreciate Rob’s music.”  For the last finishing touches, she combined real world locations, design and color schemes, and unique artwork.  She meticulously chose each design aspect with the intention of them serving a specific purpose. - Jen's Quote - RPattz Stample of ApprovalWhat has her most nervous?  The rare chance that Mr. Pattinson himself may someday stumble upon the site.  “I can only wish that Rob graces my site with his presence one day.  I hope I have done him proud; I’d like to get an ‘RPattz Stamp of Approval!’”

In my honest opinion, I don’t think she’ll have anything to worry about!  So, it is with great honor and privilege that we proudly say: “Welcome to the neighborhood,!”  For a full list of lyrics, tab sheets, biography, discography, event listing, RobRadio & more — check it out!

–      Ashley @ The Pattinson Project


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4 responses to “The Pattinson Project Exclusive: Interview & Behind-The-Scenes Info!”

  1. kelly8964 says :

    She really did a great job… I’ve got my Rob Radio playing now, nothing makes a day better then having Rob singing in your head while you work… God I hope he does more music!!

    Great job Jen!! Thanks for the wonderful gift!!! I can honestly see him seeing this site and I can just picture the humbled look on his face.. he will love it when he sees it.

  2. edwardslori says :

    Great Job Jen! You have done a wonderful job and it is great to see your hard work on this project out there! Keep it up! It is obvious you put your heart into this!

    Ashley~ Great job in getting this~ Nice to see Rob material (non-gossip) *sighs* I just might sleep tonight 🙂 Great job on the exclusive!

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