SNL Fail: Fired: Michaela Watkins & Casey Wilson

OMG, I am beside myself.  I had pretty much given up on SNL, let’s face it.  It’s just not funny anymore.  Shame on you….. What are you thinking?  Seriously? SERIOUSLY!

This chick is totally one of the reasons I was giving SNL another chance.  I guess that solidifies my vote.  NEXT!

Check out some funny business after the blurb!  I put my my favorite skit Michaela Watkins has ever done on SNL & now.. never AGAIN.  Ugh, SNL, you make me sick. It’s her skit for The Weekend Update as Angie Tempura:  Celebrity Blogger.  OMG, I crack up everytime… ROFLMAO!

From TV Guide:

SNL Fires Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson

Michaela Watkins, Casey Wilson

Michaela Watkins, Casey Wilson

With the recent addition of two cast members to Saturday Night Live comes news that Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson will no longer be on the long-running series.

Saturday Night Live adds two new cast members

Watkins began her short stint on SNL in November and had several memorable characters and impersonations, including Arianna Huffington and Today host Hoda Kotb.

“The only explanation I got from [Lorne Michaels] — and he’s not known to say things just to make people feel better — was that he felt deep down that I should have my own show. And I agreed,” Watkins told EW.  “SNL was a dream come true for me. It was a fantastic year. I don’t have any regrets.”

Check out one of Watkins’ Today show sketches

Wilson was less prominent during her time on the sketch comedy series and plans to return to performing at the Los Angeles theater of the Upright Citizens Brigade on Sept. 24, according to Variety.

View Source #1, Source #2.


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