The Rob Glossary A-I (courtesy of RobMusement!)

WARNING:  Some of the language used in this blog post is not suitable for children, especially anyone under the age of 18.  I’m serious, don’t look!  Stay cute forever, OK? 🙂  You’ll thank us later!


From RobMusement:


The Glossary of Rob

A – I



Addict- ”I have become a Rob Porn Addict to which there appears to be no cure. I’ve stared at his hands for 15 minutes now at work. Can’t…look…away” Normal.

Adorkable-Any male who is considered nerdy:: unique style, smart:: by most people; yet girls secretly want. No explanation of this unorthodox event has been found.

Amen-A word used to relay that we are all agree on a specific aspect of Rob, such as, “May a belt never find its way into Mr. Pattinson’s wardrobe. Amen & Amen.”

Amfar-A foundation for AIDS research that Rob supports and offered up his sweet, sweet kisses in exchange for money for the center.

Apple-represents temptation; the forbidden fruit

Art Freeman-Character played by Rob in the movie How To Be. Also known as RobArt.

Awesomeness-An unmeasurable amount of awesomenimity something can produce.



Beautiful– Your smile makes you pretty. Your body makes you sexy. Only your mind makes you beautiful

Beautiful Bastard-Edward Cullen meets white hot intensity of a thousand suns. (click the pic to go to the story)

Brit Pack, The -”Forget the Rat Pack and the Brat Pack,” says PopStar, “there is a new pack in town, turning heads whereever they go . . . The Brit Pack.”

Just who, says this source, is in the Brit Pack? Why, Robert Pattinson and his wily crew of course. Our favorite musicians, such as Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, and Sam Bradley, are on the list, as well as Tom Sturridge, who is also a long-time, actor friend of Rob’s.

Buck naked-As in, take off all your clothes, Rob, I want you buck naked in my bed. This one is a George Costanza (Seinfeld) quote, “If I Was a Porn Star, My Name Would Be Buck Naked!”

Buttonfly– What I wouldn’t give to be able to rip those buttons off and get to the wonderful Pattinson present that is behind those brass buttons….Amen!



Candyman-Southern Expression. Refers to a man who strives to sexually please lonely women. Like a cross between a sugar daddy and a gigalo, with no money changing hands.

Charming– to delight or please greatly by beauty, attractiveness. Showing off his charming good looks. Robert Pattinson branded charming by Harvey Weinstein (where he auctioned off the kisses at Cannes)

Cannes– a city in France where Rob strutted his fine self and took some fuckhawt pictures…oh yeah and the film festival is held there too.

Cedric Diggory– character played by Rob in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire & Harry Potter  and Order of the Phoenix

Contagious– Very Cool; Very Catchy; Quite Acceptable


Daniel Gale– character Rob plays in The Bad Mothers Handbook; see also adorkable

dazzling– Adjective that characterize people that can easily dazzle other people by their amazing looks and personality. It is a very rare quality.

Doc Martens– AKA, the sex boots-A brand of footwear created in England which creates sexual thoughts when worn by Robert Pattinson

Dreamy– Someone having irresistible charm and being delightfully attractive.

Drunk Rob-describes Rob in an inebriated state of fuckhawtness.

Duckie lips-refers to the manner in which he puckers his luscious lips.



Edward Cullen– sparkly vampire whose only purpose of being is to drop the panties of girls. He is adored by teenage girls and Catholic priests alike, and is so ‘perfect’ in every way that he actually shits flowers.

eye candy– Something purely aesthetically pleasing, that is, pleasing to the senses.
eye/eyebrows-This can only be desribed through pictures.



FingerPorn-A state of arousal due to Rob’s long, elegant fingers.

F*ck me-please. ‘Nuff said.

F*ckhawt-a state where in you see a pic of Rob and hear yourself moan the word ‘fuck’ in response to how hawt he is.



Geekward-used to describe Rob in the movies How to Be and The Bad Mother’s Handbook and fanfic of a similar nature.

Giselher-Rob’s character in the movie Ring of the Nibelungs.

GQRob– One of the sexiest picture displays known to human society. See also Beautiful Bastard.

Gorgeous-Dazzlingly beautiful or magnificent, stunning, sexy, appealing, classy, exquisite, good looking.



Heineken– Rob’s favorite beer.

HHH-A nickname for Rob meaning His Holy Hotness.

Hobolicious-1. Of or pertaining to the act of being extremely hobo 2. Being absolutely fabulous 3. Like a hobo 4. The act of being sexy, or attractive in an almost hobo-like way.

Holy Voice of Seduction-*puts fingers to lips* Sshhh, just listen.


How about now? A testimonial; Horny-”I looked at that photo of him and my ovaries screamed” or “my uterus just quivered” and I came to the conclusion that this guy brings out a very “primal” response in women…of all ages. And why do you suppose that is? Because by nature women seek out those males with the strongest masculine traits because they want those traits -that DNA- for their offspring. It’s just biology girls. And what is the one masculine trait of Rob’s that sets him apart from the pack? Right. That incredible jaw line. It’s the FIRST thing I noticed about him. ‘Course then you throw in everything else…the eyes, the mouth, the hands, the HAIR and we been turned into nothing but a bunch of sitting ducks reduced to a puddle.”

Hot Pockets-Rob’s favorite microwavable food.

Humble-1. An admirable quality that not many people possess. It means that a person may have accomplished alot, or be alot but doesn’t feel it is necessary to advertise or brag about it. 2. To degrade, to cut one’s ego down to size



I.AM.DIED– a slang expression used to convey a state of braindead that Rob’s panty -dropping, fuckhawt goodness causes.

Ice– what I need after seeing these pics.

impress– to affect someones feeling or mind in a positive way; see also dazzling.

incognito– in disguise, a secret identity


To be continued…

Source:  Dictionary, Google, Urban Dictionary, @FakerParis, Wikipedia, & our dirty minds.


Special Thanks:  @Half_my_self & @itsjustme513

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