Clarification: Robert Pattinson’s Current Love Life Rumor

Aww, I knew it was too good to be true! LOL

Sorry, ladies, you know I do whatever I can to find the good stuff— this rumor has been clarified…. read more below…


Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

From “The Gossip Cop:

The Daily Mirror, out of England, claims in a headline: “Twighlight exclusive – Robert Pattinson: I haven’t got a girlfriend.” Exclusive nonsense.

Let’s look at some of the facts, shall we?

First, these clowns can’t even spell “Twilight” correctly in the headline.

Next, after the “exclusive” begins, it notes that Pattinson and Kristen Stewart “were caught snuggling up together at a Kings of Leon concert in Vancouver where they’re filming the hotly-awaited movie sequel The Twilight Saga: New Moon.” Doh! They’re filming “Eclipse.”

So maybe this “exclusive” is just an old exclusive. But in the next paragraph it reads, “In an exclusive interview with the vampire just days before the pictures [of him and Stewart] were taken, heart-throb Robert insists he’s still single and adds: “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

A few things come to mind: (1) the story sounds made up (2) why would the Mirror hold onto an “exclusive” interview with Pattinson for about a week before publishing it (3) the star was in Los Angeles at around the time of the alleged interview, and Gossip Cop knows for a fact that he was not sitting down to talk about his personal life (4) the story sounds made up. Oh, did we say that already? And (5) no one from the Mirror could answer Gossip Cop’s question about when or where the interview was conducted, but said they would get back to us (we’re still waiting).

Even though we’ve established that this “exclusive” seems fabricated, we’ll still share with you a couple of “quotes” – for laughs – that the Mirror claims the incredibly popular and private star said.

Among the nuggets are “You always think you’re going to get more girls after you’ve made a movie and it never happens,” and “You sit there and you’re like ‘I’m a big movie star and I want to go out with some models’ but I don’t know why that doesn’t happen.”

It’s pieces like this that make Gossip Cop want to “Moon” the Mirror.

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Special thanks to Just_Christy for the clarification!


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3 responses to “Clarification: Robert Pattinson’s Current Love Life Rumor”

  1. kelly8964 says :

    It’s all good… I’m not a believer in “IT” you know.. that situation between “THEM”… I don’t care either way cause you know.. in my fantasy he only wants me anyway and that’s where it should be.. it’s all about the fantasy… as I have said before… if your fantasy life ain’t makin’ ya happy.. it’s time to get a new fantasy!

    Anyone interested in remembering why we do this? Here’s a little something to maybe help you remember 🙂

    Thanks for the posts… I love coming here daily and seeing what’s up in your world.. our world!

  2. thepattinsonproject says :

    Awww, thank you so much, Kelly!

    I appreciate your comments, too, by the way! As cheesy as it sounds, they mean a lot to me LOL

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