Article: E! Online: Cranky About Robsten?

See, I don’t even know what to think about this anymore.

Sometimes I wish they’d just say are together already & just get it over with, give the people what they want & move on just so people will get over themselves.

The other part of me is like why do they have to be together?  Maybe they’re just nice people who happen to get along & did a great film (almost 4 total) together.  So they’ve got good chemistry, good for them.  What do you think?

On a happy note, I do wish a very happy “Congratulations!” to Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer!  They announced they’re engaged.  I must have been under some rock, cause honestly, I didn’t know they were together.  See, it is possible to have a relationship & not be bothered in the public eye.  And when I say public eye, I mean you’re a celebrity & people are all up in your business.

See, Rob & Kristen, it’s really just that easy.  Just put it out there, even though it’s not true, I won’t tell!  Let all the Robsten lovers die happy with antcipation & we can all go on with our lives :O)

Honestly, I just want the man to be happy & that’s what makes him happy, I could be down with that,.. I guess? LOL  They both need to be happy.  So, let me please clarify– I’m equal opprotunity here.  Robsten or no Robsten.  I’m happy either way.  Team Switzerland, I guess you could say LOL

Robsten ya later,

– Ashley :O)

From E! Online:

Paquin + Moyer = TrueLove vs. Robsten

Just because we totally heart Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart doesn’t mean we have to love them all the time. We’re starting to get a tad annoyed at the Twilight sweethearts. Why can’t they be a smidge more like Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer?

Look, we don’t need a defacto “we’re together” statement or PDA sesh from Robsten. We love that they’re private. It sky rockets their chance of actually somewhat staying together. But we’re getting a little bored of all of this sneaking around and Rob and Kristen recently following the “what Summit says goes” mantra in interviews.

And we couldn’t be more thrilled for the newly engaged True Blood couple ’cause we seriously adore Anna and Stephen. They seem to have one of the best grasps on Hollywood relationships that we’ve seen in a very long time. They don’t blab to the media about each other, but they also won’t pretend like they haven’t seen each other naked whenever they are out for public appearances.

The engagement might be a little fast, but we wish them the best of luck. Like, really. At least one vampire fairy tale is out in the open.

So please Rob and Kristen. Throw us a teeny tongue waggin’ bone. Are we the only ones getting a little frustrated?

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7 responses to “Article: E! Online: Cranky About Robsten?”

  1. Tiffany says :

    i wish they would say one way or the other. I do understand they signed contracts saying they wouldn’t fall inlove so i guess that might put a damper on things. Please tell me she isn’t still with that Argarano guy pls he’s ugly not like rpattz who is so handsome u just can’t find the words for him.

    • thepattinsonproject says :

      Yeah. Just come out & say it, we won’t bite. Wow, that was bad a Twilight reference *delete, delete*

      Whatever they decide: I don’t think anyone will believe them no matter what they say until they just come out & say “Yes, we are together.” Or atleast “Yes, we have been together” or “We are together.”

      I just don’t think people will ever give them a rest on the whole Robsten situation until we get a little bit of clarification here. Poor kids!

      Besides the fact that the whole Robsten situation does create a nice lil mini-publication for the drive to see Twilight– see the couple who MAY or MAY NOT be together? Why the heck not?

      I just hope they’re both happy whoever they’re with or without. It’s gotta be tough to have the spotlight on you all the time 24/7, nonetheless be questioned about your love life all the time, too!

  2. Kelly says :

    I personally don’t care… together.. not together… whatever makes them happy.

    Personally I don’t see it… I’m not saying it’s not there.. I just don’t see it…

    If we really mean it and we just want them to put it out there why can’t we believe that they aren’t together.. why can’t that be the truth? That the truth is they are JUST friends, who happen to work together. That’s what they are putting out there so why can’t it be the truth?

    I have lots of guy friends.. I have one guy friend that you would swear we were dating.. had dated, were sleeping together.. everytime we are together… we are close… but never anything.. never.. just friends.. I adore him… but I wouldn’t ever date him….not even a friend with benefits situation 😉

    These things do happen an attraction that isn’t sexual.. you connect with a person on a level that is almost more bonding then any sexual relationship could ever be. Thise are amazing relationships that are lasting.. if they have a relationship.. I hope it’s that kind… because those are the kind that stay with you always.

    Please don’t be mean and throw things at me… it’s just my opinion.. if they are bumping uglies.. great for them.. I just don’t think they are

    • thepattinsonproject says :

      Sounds good to me. We’re all entitled to our own opinions & that’s my point here! It’s none of business whether they’re together or not. What does it matter? Is it going to make our lives any better? Nope. WIll it change Twilight? NOPE.

      If they are, great. If they’re not, oh well. Let’s move along. Let’s just all be happy and not be grumpy Gus’s LOL :O)

      Yeah, I’ll have to admit– I was kind’ve afraid to post this one because people are SOOOO passionate about this topic. Like SERIOUSLY. If you say one thing the wrong– you have to immediately step in & correct yourself — “Wait, wait.. I didn’t mean that. Let me clarify!” So, that’s why I came back in the end & felt the need to clarify myself. I’m really 50/50, it could go either way LOL

      It’s whichever way the wind blows, I guess…

      • Kelly says :

        Well it looks like you post came at just the right time.. the bruhaha has started again….a cab ride from a club where they saw a friend singing…

        I just want to see his work… I really don’t care who he dates…

        Hey thanks again for the blog… I love reading what you post!

      • thepattinsonproject says :

        I know right?! And to think I was at one of Bobby’s other concerts last weekend. Too bad he didn’t show up there, huh? LOL

        Anywho, thanks for the compliments… I appreciate that a lot!! I’m just having fun, that’s more important & talking about Rob in the process ain’t too shabby, you know what I’m saying? :O)

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