Article: Who will protect Robert Pattinson?

Respect Robert Pattinson!
Respect Robert Pattinson!


By Ree Hines contributor
updated 8:10 p.m. CT, Mon., Aug 3, 2009

The streets of New York City just aren’t safe for “Twilight’s” leading man, Robert Pattinson. It seems throngs of female fans eager to get a glimpse or maybe even a grab of the man behind the vamp pose a bigger threat than the actor’s bodyguards can handle.

“Enough is enough,” a concerned official from the New York City Police Department told “His security people aren’t up to the task of keeping him safe, and they have no idea how to deal with the crowds this guy attracts.”

According to the NYPD insider, a June incident, in which a taxi struck Pattinson as he attempted to flee a mob of overzealous fans, provided ample evidence of the young star’s problematic security detail.

“That’s amateur hour,” the official said. “We have celebrities a lot bigger than this guy who can come and go in perfect safety because we know how to take the right precautions. We have presidents and kings come and go. This poor kid can’t get in or out of a car without things getting dangerous.”

As for a solution, well, that’s up to Pattinson and “his people.” While the police department has an interest in the safety of everyone in the city, they don’t plan on asking taxpayers to subsidize Pattinson’s protection.

“We’re not providing security,” an NYPD spokesperson explained. “The police department does not provide it for actors. Specific to this issue, we are not currently providing private security for Robert Pattinson.”


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