Bad Press is not always Good Press!

I am quite upset.  And that’s just putting a damper to how I feel right now.

Growing up, I’ve always been a People Magazine girl.  Today, at work, we got our subscription of this weeks issues.  I was excited at first when they announced that my boyfriend was on the cover.  But when my manager then announced it was about *insert cheesy sing-song voice here* “Robert’s Messy Love Life!!”  I gasped in horror.

Of course, I had to see what they said about my boyfriend.  Yes, that’s right I called him my boyfriend.  It’s all in a term of endearmant, so chill out.  Anyways, I flipped through it & I have now scanned the article in hopes that this will prevent your need to go buy this issue.


Sorry, People Magazine you have OFFICIALLY lost a gizillion cool points.  How dare you go THERE with our Robbykins?  Shame on you.  I’m so glad I didn’t pay for your issue today.  You are evil & I hope you have a bad day today.

– Ashley ;-I


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3 responses to “Bad Press is not always Good Press!”

  1. nextstopsf says :

    I am a happy girl to say that I don’t buy those mags such as stupid fiction Tabloids like ‘OK!’ and ‘Life & something (can’t remember their stupid name) and ‘US Weekly’ and now it looks like ‘People Mag’ has joined their group…I only have bought People’s 100 Most Beautiful mag anywas and I missed this years…LOL! If your favorite boy is on the cover – just go to the web and all the pics will be posted and you don’t have to read their crappy fiction crap!!!! It’s just crap! I can say, with much confidence, that they are so off base with most ALL their ‘stories’ because even ‘real’ news barely gets their ‘stories’ right most of the time and they are reporting straight from the ‘source’ not like the rags that say a ‘freind of a source has a friend who takes out the trash @ the IN&OUT that our boy is suppose to go to’ says….
    Sorry—but I just had to chime in….

  2. Kelly says :

    Ashley.. I love your blog because you give us food for thought & then graciously allow us to chime in 🙂
    Ever since there has been celebrity there have been rag sources to put out trash about people. I believe Rob once said how odd he found it that he had shot to the top in record speed and now that he’s up there all people seem to want to do is tear him down, I’m paraphrasing of course.
    People Magazine never seemed to have as bad a reputation as other mags. This issue, to me… is horrid for the sheer fact that it’s just jumping on the band wagon. But I guess if I looked back, that is all they have ever done.. I just haven’t ever really cared enough about anyone to notice.
    It’s part of fame.. that’s what “they” say.. but who are “they”? Why did “they” deem it a “necessary” part of fame? Why, as a people, is there an element that feeds on this stuff(the bad stuff).. needs it. Does it make them feel better about their own lives? I don’t know.
    It’s funny, I have met celebrities in my life.. most have been very nice, (especially when you don’t rush them and scream at them : ) ) And after seeing them, I might mention it to someone later in the day, you know… you run into a friend and you say “You’ll guess who I saw today…” Blah Blah Blah.. I’ve seen celebrities in a less than flattering light as well… but I would never want to pass those times along. Maybe because I know I have had my unflattering moments in life that I never want my friends & family to know.. let alone have it splashed across magazines around the world.
    People Mag should have held up this issue & done a second hand Comic Con issue on him… it would have served them better. This speculation on his love life.. please.. not needed. Do I hope he has a love life.. absolutely.. he’s 23… I’d be , from another Blog I read, has said more than once “If he’s not shagging me, I don’t really care who he is shagging”
    None of my ramblings are a solution… but I agree with you… People Mag has definitely lowered their standards..
    Of course.. I am sensitive about this subject.. I am very sensitive about him… so my opinion could be clouded by adoration.. but hey.. that’s ok… he’s lucky he has people who care about him.. and don’t really ask anything in return except that he keep doing what he’s doing, keep being who he is, never change and try not to let the crap end of the stick bother him too much. We don’t expect perfection and we don’t need he less than perfect published in magazines… at least I don’t.

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