I just wanted to take things down a notch and write about what’s on my heart. Some of you may not care— could frankly careless, but oh well– here it goes. Read this or don’t, it is up to you.

Have you ever taken a step out of your comfort zone in order to do something new only to learn something about yourself that you didn’t like?

Today has been a really, realllly interesting day. I went to work, worked my tail off and during my lunch break sent a couple of super important e-mails out. That resulted in me getting an e-mail back from somebody who knows somebody who knows someone. Y-U-P. That’s all I’m going say. I won’t say who they are. I don’t want to give away their identify. EVER. Especially with the details of what I’m saying. RESPECT is the key word here, people. Get with the program already! That would be just terrible.

Anyways, the exchanges were very nice, I was quite honored by the quickly returned responses. So, that’s not the issue. The issue is the way I felt afterwards. Feeling like a fool after asking. Feeling like a fool after stepping outside the box that I normally would have never stepped out of. This blog & everything that goes along with it is a BIG step out of my comfort zone. Not the act of doing the blog just the whole point, the whole purpose of the blog. UKNOWWHATIMEAN. I’ve never been so… appreciative… towards an actor/celebrity/musician before. Yeah, so this is all new to me.

After speaking with this person, I had a greater appreciate for the topic at hand, the discussion I was having with them. It set my thoughts into reality. It made me question my existance, my whole point of doing this. Why? It made consequence sink in quickly.

It made me feel sadness & regret. It also made me feel protective that I wanted to protect what I have here– my whole purpose of what it is exactly I’m doing here– I don’t even know sometimes.

Anyways, I don’t know. You may read this & be more confused than you were before you even started reading this.  Who knows!  I apologize for that because I can’t clearly thinking right now.  So, lucky you, you’re getting my gibberish. Congratulations!

I invite you to do this: Wake up from reality, take a step back & give your favorite celebrities their space.  Avoid papparazzi-photos, avoid the garbage you hear on the radio, the news, and what you read in the magazines.  Just let them be.

Respect Robert. Respect his friends. Respect his family.  Respect Kristen. Respect Taylor.  Respect all of them. Whether you like them or not. They’re people. They’re human. They have lives. They have friends & family who love them one way or another. They get up every morning (well, some of them LOL) just like we do, brush their teeth (we hope), their hair (that’s questionable) & go about their day with the same plan. To live their lives to the fullest. They just have the disadvantage of being filmed every step of the way. We have the luxury of having our privacy. Imagine that! Us being luxurious for our privacy. Not them in their music studios or their tour buses or first class flights or penthouse hotel suite. Imagine that.

And all they want to do is make movies that people will see and music that people will listen to.

Is that too much to ask?

– Ashley :OI


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20 responses to “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”

  1. nextstopsf says :

    Sigh…this is something I struggle with myself daily…I really do understand what you are saying…I agree, the man and the people around him deserve some peace! BUT…I also think he deserves the type of fan that WE are…to counter act the crazy ‘fangirls’! So don’t give up everything, let’s show him and the rest that we are loyal, sane (most of the time) fans and we can support him and admire him without stalking him..lol!
    I have never been this kind of fan of ANYONE ever and I am not a teenage-OMG, not even close, there is just some kind of unexplainable pull that he has…the best thing about this crazy draw, is that I have met some great women and made some fabulous friends through our mutual RP admiration…..I think that would be something he would like…just sayin’!

    • thepattinsonproject says :

      Thanks, hon… I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me.

      Words cannont even begin to explain my thoughts right now.

    • Kelly says :

      Hey nextstopsf…

      I’m not a teenager either…. not even in my best dreams : )

  2. Kelly says :

    Just tripped upon your blog.. and your post gave me a bit to think about.

    I’ve said before, it’s a double edged sword he wields.. on the one side.. he has a successful career in an industry that has kicked many right back into their fast food uniforms, an industry that can just as easily kick him to the curb as they have risen him to the top.. this industry it’s all about what sells, the other side of the sword.

    I am constantly torn about it, because there is a strong protective vibe that comes along with my knowledge and affection of this young man. Like a momma bear (or big sister) kind of protection…And the worry I have for the toll it all takes on him is very very real, as real as for anyone I know.

    I know/believe these thing:
    1) I can’t help but smile at any picture, article, video, news blip, mass media interview that I see or hear about him. He just makes me smile.

    2) I worry constantly about what it is all doing to him. He seems a sensitive soul, but not weak. Perhaps a pleaser, which would explain the self-deprecation, “if I tell you how bad I am from the start… you won’t be able to be disappointed in me”. I worry about how he deals with it.. or if he even does.

    3) I think he is aware, as with any celebrity, about this pitfall of this business. How does one balance the height of stardom and the peace of a private personal life? I don’t know…

    I don’t think my response is saying anything new.. nor do I believe I am the only one with these torn thoughts.

    What is the saying..”With greatness comes great responsibility”…

    No one can ever be prepared for celebrity.. I don’t think you can even fathom it until you are in the middle of the crap-storm that it is. I respect him, I respect his privacy, I don’t buy the rags that print the crap. Do I have my copy of GQ? yep, do I have my copy of US Weekly?.. sure.. he posed for the pictures… for us to enjoy.. even though he probably didn’t expect all of this when the pictures were taken. It was business when they were taken, business when they were published. I want what he is willing to give.. nothing more.

    I was watching “13 going on 30” last night on FX of all things, and there were these little interviews during the commercial breaks in the movie and one of them dealt with filming in New York and how crazy it was and people were screaming “Jennifer.. JEN… Jenny… ” at Jennifer Garner while she was filming. She seemed ok with fans being there, overwhelmed and grateful.. but the interruption or the paparazzi, because they can get as close as they want pretty much… (I think the law in NY is 10 feet, but still that’s pretty dang close) I think that was unnerving to all of the actors.

    Perhaps better laws regarding how these paparazzi people do what they are doing would better suit our cause. I would come unglued if I had camera’s in my face like that and no one could stop it. It’s the invasion of personal space that is so hideous Better laws protecting people from having personal space violated that way would serve him, and others much better..

    Crazies exist… beyond the paparazzi.. he has some insane.. out of touch fans… also comes with the territory… I hope that they can stop, take a step back.. and recognize to get a positive result in any situation, you need to put on your best. Those that go crazy around him act inhuman, because they don’t see him as human.. not really.. they are so wrapped up in their own needs they can’t possibly see his, nor do they care.. facts is facts… it’s sad.

    The rest, well.. you know, people want to know about him.. he’s an intriguing, natural.. warm person. Not infallible, he’s “normal”. People want to know what he reads, what he listens to, what he thinks.. that’s what interviews are for.. he grants them,.. we read them… see them,… listen to them… I think if we could just stop there, and avoid those things that aren’t agreed to by him.. then a balance could be close.

    He’s in the spotlight and it’s not likely to dim anytime soon… and knowing it makes him uncomfortable makes me sad.. and if it helps.. to all those paparazzi who chase him for photos… I don’t really need to know where he is every second of the day, I don’t need another video of him leaving a restaurant getting into his car, going into his hotel, going through an airport or picking up his mail, and I don’t need to know what he had for dinner, how much he drank, how much he left for a tip, how many times he went for a smoke (you should quit by the way –XO- )… I want to know what he wants to share.. and if a day ever comes that I am lucky enough to be granted an audience with him…. I might ask him what he’s reading, what he’s listening too, possibly what he had for lunch and what he does when he’s not working… and it would be between he and I… because that is how you would treat anyone you had a conversation with. You friend confide in you because they trust you, be trust worthy.

    I appreciate your post because you did not offer a complete blow by blow account of whatever conversation you had with which ever person it was…you kept it between you and that person thank you…

    Respect, like anything, starts within yourself… Well it starts with an “R” but hey… the rest should come easy : )

    • thepattinsonproject says :

      Wow, Kelly– thank you so much. I just want people to realize he’s a person. He has feelings, a life, family & friends who love & support him. Sadly, I don’t know the man personally, but I want to defend him like if was my best friend & tell people “BACK OFF!” Just like you said, with the Momma Bear mentality.

      I am going to try very hard to avoid all things that don’t support him in a positive light & I hope you all will, too.

      Thanks again, Kelly, it means a lot for you to take your time & reply to my blog. Hope you stick around! :O)

  3. amanda1104 says :

    I think you have got enough comments! Im just gonna say RESPECT!!! on that not….. LOVE YOU #SS!!!!!

  4. amanda1104 says :

    oops … that should read on that note.. hahahaha TTYL!! have a good day BTFF!!

  5. Kelly says :

    Thank you Ashley,

    I’m sorry I took up so much space.. I didn’t realize I had rambled on so.. He does that to me sometimes.. : )

    I will definitely be around here.. love how you think 🙂

    And I adore him.. 😉

  6. nextstopsf says :

    I feel just like Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree and have the same thoughts as she does!Thanks for taking the time to write it out Kelly!! It sounds so normal, I wonder why people have trouble doing it…..It is probably as you say “they don’t see him as human so they don’t treat him as one” but I must say that to those people, they are so far off base, because a large part of his appeal, at least to me, is his how much he is ‘just human’!!

  7. Kelly says :

    Agreed nextstopsf!!!! it’s all the little less than perfect human qualities that make him… him!

    Also, thanks for saying I sounded normal.. I wonder sometimes 🙂

  8. marysway says :

    Yes i too agree with kelly. I too am one that is FAR so very very FAR from being a teenager. I have “Tweens” myself. But i want to add something to Kellly’s great post is sadly no matter how much we (can I say the maturer ones? is that what we are? LOL) don’t care about what he tips, where he drinks or eats or how many times he gets into a car let alone where he’s going (not that we don’t care, but you know what I mean), I have read! and gasp at fans of his that do want to know his every move and get all involved in his life as if they are his family or close friends. I was on another board and just made a comment that I felt he and Kristen should not date until the movies were over and not get her boyfriend (or X-boyfriend) hurt but they do have some great chemistry and left it at that and I was bombarded by about 20 girls over that. I felt about 2 inches high and had broke the golden rule….but that is how much so many are into his business and take it so seriously which it is not ours to live.
    My tweens (10 yr old twin girls) asked me if Rob were to come to our city to the “Mall” for instance if I would take them to see him. I flat out (without any thought to the answer) told them NO. When they asked me why i told them that to many girls/woman were obsessed with him and I was not ready to go to jail for killing some tween/young woman for stomping over my kids to get to Rob. Even my 5 yr old daughter wants to marry him LOL. He has been blessed w/charisma. But I’m rambling now too but Kelly I totally get what your saying. 🙂 Ashley you too sweetie!

    • Kelly says :

      Mary I hear you as well, about your young daughters, I would be so nevous to have them in that setting.

      You have to be careful of those KStew/RPatz couple fans. They can be a blood thirsty bunch,…no pun intended 🙂

      He’s beautiful, truly, take my breath away beautiful Never before in my life have I been this invested in anyone outside my family. And I have no explanation for it. But I know it’s real. I’m old enough to know that, can’t explain it though 🙂

  9. marysway says :

    Kelly yeah I agree. To much time invested LOL. And yes thanks for seeing my point with my kids. I’ve met some fans (IRL) that thank I’m crazy. One of my twins took it a step further (I swear they kids are sooooooo creative) and said well if we can’t go see him at the Mall what if we “won” a contest on the radio and got to see him in private without all the fans LOL……….I thought on that one and shook my head no………………and said only MOMMY can go to that one. wink wink……how terribly wrong is that? It’s damn near illegal. And loved your “pun”

    • Kelly says :

      You know Mary.. I don’t think that’s so terribly wrong… lol… ok maybe a little wrong 🙂 but hey I get why and I’m with you on that one!

      I will admit that I did do a set visit in NYC this summer.. twice… I didn’t go all Fangirl.. just wanted to see if I could trust what I believed… you know… if I saw him in person maybe some of what I felt would wane.. no one is that great.. you know what I mean..

      I was wrong..my first visit was fun, but not much to speak of because I got no real answer.. but my second… well I tell you I was in a small group, and the body guards kept telling people in a friendly hinting not to scream at him when he came out… and so they went to escort him from one trailer to another and I kept saying quietly to the younger girls infront of us.. don’t scream… just be quiet… and low and behold it worked, and just as he reached the trailer door he looked up and flashed a smile to our little group.

      That did me in.. no I didn’t scream.. I left… because I knew I was done for… he has the face of an angel.. the smile… anyway… left me wanting to know more.

      But having been there, I wouldn’t want to bring young girls there… the screaming group at the other end.. scary….

      But I will say he’s worth it… someone truly special… and I don’t mind any of the time or energy I invest in blogging about him…

      Plus he’s brought me some really great new friends… and that alone makes it all worth it 🙂

  10. marysway says :

    Kelly oh you lucky girl! 🙂 And you got the girls in front of you to NOT scream! You go girl! I hear you loud and clear and maybe one day he’ll show up in Vegas and I can sneak off (without kids) to see him LOL. I’m not far from Cal but have to many responsibilities here to take off to go see him anywhere. I too have met some fun friends on here too and am thankful for that. My sister laughs at my perv boy crush that I have but at least she is not laughing at me…….just laughing. My hairdresser introduced me to the twilight world so she totally understands but also laughs at my perv boy crush. LOL but gets it waaaaaaay more. We share pics we find of his fine self. Are you on Twitter too?

    • Kelly says :

      Yep I am on twitter.. kelly8964… look me up!!

      My Husband thinks I’ve lost my mind… my 11 yr old son giggles in the stores and points at magazines and says “Look mom there’s your boyfriend” when Rob is on the cover… my 18 yr old step son goes with me to movies, bonus for him all the young girls who are there: ) …… my younger sister works in NYC and she just laughs at me.. my best friend… she is so supportive.. she always smiles and says “If it makes you happy and you aren’t hurting anyone.. go for it. ” I always tell her I think I’ve found my Bliss 🙂

      He’s not a boy.. he’s a man…so I don’t call it pervin on the boy… and like a fine work of art I am simply admiring what his parents created… that reminds me.. I need to send them a thank you note and maybe some cookies, or a box of chocolates 🙂

      The best.. by far.. my mom, when I showed her who he was she said… “Oh well isn’t he dreamy… of course your grandmother (who was Irish, born and raised) would have a fit that you are smitten with an Englishman….. of course she might make an exception for this one.. he is dreamy” and you know… my Nana.. she would have totally made an exception for this one!LMAO

  11. marysway says :

    Kelly LOL. I have one twin that is team edward and One that is team jacob so the one that is team edward is the one that I’m competing with all the time over magazines and posters LOL. Then they “made” the 5 yr old take Emmit (not that he is not nice to look at too) and I had to intercede as the tears came down and tell her she could have Edward too. LOL. And great minds think alike…..I was thinking the same thing to send a Thank You card to his parents. LOL

  12. marysway says :

    Kelly I just found you on twitter. I’m marysway and just ask to follow you 🙂

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