The Robert Pattinson Influence

It has become clear to me that — that man can work wonders.  He clearly mentions something of interest and everyone rushes around to figure out what the heck he was talking about or what he was doing or where he going.  I frankly for sorry for the man!
Reading Time with Reading Robby

Reading Time with Reading Robby

Earlier this month, over at, they revealed some of the books that Rob is either currently reading or has read in the past.  These are books he’s either been spotted out & about on the town with via papparazzi (the evil doers, ya know?) or via interviews with Rob.  Honestly, now, I would be curious to do a review regarding this topic & the status on how long it takes these books to get to The New York Times Best Sellers List LOL

Sorry, anything the man touches, talks about or WHATEVER— it turns to platinum— forget gold!

My personal example is that I remember there was an interview that he mentioned his favorite band, Kings of Leon.  They were kind’ve popular at the time, but more popular overseas than here in the States.  From what I hear they’re big stuff over there where they got their start.  Anyways, so our boy mentions and in less than a year, KOL has jumped up to the top.  I’m awkwardly happy to mention that when I was listening to a Top 40 station on several different occasions, they are now playing their music.  Whereas before, it was special treat if the alternative station played their music– now you can’t get away from them if you tried.  Not that I’m trying, because guess what?  They’re one of my favorite bands now, too.  And why?  Oh, because someone special likes them.

I’m waiting for Robert Pattinson to announce what toothpaste he uses.  I’d buy that.


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