In Concert: Sam Bradley, Marcus Foster & Bobby Long

The Land of Dreamers

The Land of Dreamers

The Land of Dreamers, that’s who! Who’s The Land of Dreamers *, you ask?  Well, honey, where have you been and under what rock? LOL  [Correction:  *This is my special-shout out to two great fan groups created for an awesome group of solo artists who just so happen to be friends, The Land of Dreamers & Project: Dream Land!] **

These are 3 very talented British musicians who just so happens to also be to be great friends with our man, Robert Pattinson!  They are:  Marcus Foster, Sam Bradley & Bobby Long!  They’re awesome!  I listen to their music all the time & feel incredibly sad that I hadn’t listened to their music any sooner!

My tix!! *SQUEAL!*

My tix!! *SQUEAL!*

They’re coming to town just in time for the Twi-Con 2009. They will be playing a few gigs there, but they’re having a few gigs in the area, too.

I’m so excited, I’m going to the one on August 1st @ Poor David’s Pub in Downtown Dallas! SOOOO EXCITED!

So, will anyone else be going to this concert? I wanted to know because I was thinking about doing something special for The Pattinson Project followers :o) Got any good ideas? I’d love to hear there!

Source:  The Land of Dreamers, Poor David’s Pub, TwiCon 2009, Project:  Dream Land

** Special Thanks to Jenny for bringing the mistakes to my attention! Thanx again! :O)


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3 responses to “In Concert: Sam Bradley, Marcus Foster & Bobby Long”

  1. Jenny says :

    Saw your post and wanted to give you a correction: The Land of Dreamers is NOT Bobby, Sam and Marcus but they ARE a fan group created to help support the boys. The guys did not start it, but they know who we are.

    If you’d like to learn more about the Land of Dreamers, check out the website: Thanks!

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